Title: The Tumbledowns of Cleopatra Abyss

Author: David Brin

Anthology: Old Venus, ed. George RR Martin, Gardner Dozois

Description, by Sam Tomaino [SFRevu]: "Venus was settled many years ago by sinking habitats called bubbles in ocean abysses, this one in Cleopatra Canyon. Comets had been striking Venus for centuries before humans on Old Earth had been herding them in an attempt to terraform the planet. This had been continued by the "Coss Masters" (unexplained) and residents of the habitats have grown used to the thumps, regular as clockwork. But of late, these thumps have grown less frequent and the habitats themselves have become unstable, some floating up to the surface, killing thousands. In a society where breeding is essential, woman rule and Jonah is a rascal of a male looked down upon by many. He is married off to a woman in another habitat and the adventures start. He has to prove his worth. "

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