Title: The New Mother

Author: Eugene Fischer

Publisher: Asimov's Science Fiction

Publication Date: April/May 2015

Published in Asimov's Science Fiction (April/May 2015). Follows a pregnant reporter writing an article about the social implications of a sexually transmitted infection that renders men sterile and women parthenogenetic.


  • “I’m astounded by this story, by its elegant, thoughtful thoroughness” –Amal El-Mohtar,
  • “[A] thoughtful look at a fundamental change in the nature of human reproduction” – Gardner Dozois, Locus
  • "This is a particularly effective story with a SFnal idea embedded right in its beating heart” –Bob Blough, Tangent Online
  • "Reproductive rights, personhood, our culture’s puritanical views on sex, religion, cloning, and so many of the other conversations connected to these topics. Fischer avoids preachiness [...] and instead uses all of this to explore what it means to be human." –K. Tempest Bradford, io9
  • A Locus Recommended Read for 2015
  • Asimov's Readers Award finalist
  • Nominated for the Nebula Award for Best Novella

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