Sunil Patel

  • “The Robot Who Couldn’t Lie” [audio], Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show (May 2015) [2555 words]
    Silvi builds a robot and tells it stories. But can the robot tell a story of its own?
  • “Sally the Psychic Alligator,” Fireside Magazine (April 2015) [976 words]
    Madhuri searches for Sally. Sally is an alligator. Who is psychic.
  • “Stranger,” Saturday Night Reader (March 11, 2015) [329 words]
    Sejal discovers a strange creature in her bedroom at night. Her mother warned her about strangers.
  • "The Merger: A Romantic Comedy of Intergalactic Business Negotiations, Indecipherable Emotions, and Pizza," The Book Smugglers (June 23, 2015) [6396 words]
    Paresh and Sita are a loving married couple who share a (mostly) pleasant and uneventful life. That is, if you don’t count Sita’s cooking experiments with turkey chili pizza (don’t ask). All that changes one evening, when Paresh is approached by a gelatinous, horned blob-alien from outer space who makes a lucrative offer that Paresh and Sita literally cannot refuse (or else the world is, well, kaput).

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