Title: Soup

Author: Chikodili Emelumadu

Published: One Throne Magazine, Summer 2015. (!soup/ckas)

Comments: Soup is an entertaining and meaningful modern dark fable, with a unique setting, Nigeria, that is told with a deft hand.

Chikodili Emelumadu is a new writer whose short fiction from 2014 was nominated for a Shirley Jackson Award. Another story of hers is currently a finalist for the Million Writers Award.

Lois Tilton has recommended Ms. Emelumad's work in the past -- see her Tunbi review, and her comments on Candy Girl: "Going to be keeping an eye out for this new writer" -- but declined to read this particular story because One Throne Magazine does not exclusively publish SFF (I had asked her to review it). Don't make the same mistake.

Even if the magazine may be unfamiliar to you, please don't stay away from the story on that basis. While One Throne does indeed rarely publish SFF, it had a SFF story named "notable" in Best American Science Fiction & Fantasy 2015 (despite only publishing two SFF stories in 2014).

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