"Sleeping Dogs" by Adam-Troy Castro

Published in Analog, July-August 2015

Description, by Lois Tilton (Locus): "The setting... is a paradisiacal oceanic world where Draiken has come to retire and escape from his past working for the kind of agency that doesn’t trust its operatives wanting to quit. He’s adapted well to the place when an informant passes on the news that outworlders have come to town. Draiken recognizes the man who presided over his torture, decades ago, and attacks, certain they have sought him out at last. But the man insists his presence on the world is only a coincidence, that his former employers have entirely forgotten about Draiken and no one is hunting him. Draiken doesn’t believe it. He can’t afford to believe it or trust the promise of safety. And there are other outworlders hanging around town."

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